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1BS3012 Digital Marketing Portfolio – Assignment BriefStudents will compile a portfolio throughout the module that showcases their digital marketingknowledge and skills. Students must complete 4 portfolio tasks & will be briefed on each taskas the module progresses. The tasks will be closely related to the scheduled tutorials & mayrequire students to analyse case study data, critique digital marketing campaigns/activities,critically discuss ethically problematic digital marketing practices, make strategicrecommendations, and/or provide guidance on best practice.Structure:The portfolio should be structured as follows:• Cover page (including module code, student number & word count)• 4 x portfolio entries (approx. 500 words each)• Reference list• Appendices (if applicable – only use if necessary).Word limit: 2,000 words (+/-10%)Deadline: 11am on 4th May. Submission via Learning Central.Frequently asked questions:When and how will the portfolio tasks be released? The portfolio tasks will be released inweeks 2,4,7 and 9. Information on each task will be made available under the ‘AssignmentInformation’ section on Learning Central and students will receive an email notification wheneach task is available.What is included in the wordcount? The word count excludes the cover page, reference list& any appendices. Any other content (including tables, headings, and in-text citations) isincluded in the wordcount unless otherwise specified in the task brief.How should I divide the wordcount between tasks? We strongly recommend that studentsdivide the word count equally between the portfolio tasks (i.e., 500 words per task) to ensurethat they are able to address each task in sufficient detail. However, this is at students’discretion. We will not be checking the word count of individual tasks, only the portfolio as awhole.Should I include an introduction/conclusion to the portfolio? No, this is not necessary.2What writing style should I use for the portfolio? The portfolio should be written in a styleappropriate for a professional environment (e.g., professional tone, no slang, clear and concise).You can write in the first or third person, depending on your preference.Can I use headings/figures/tables/bullet points? You are encouraged to use headings andsubheadings to structure your portfolio entries. Figures, tables, and bullet points can be usedwhere they enable you to communicate your points more clearly and effectively. Note that theentire portfolio should not be written in bullet pointed lists – use them sparingly. Please alsonote that figures and tables require a figure/table number and title and should be referred toexplicitly in the text, so that we can understand their relevance to your portfolio entry.Should I use appendices? Only use appendices if necessary (e.g., if you wish to include alarge figure that cannot be incorporated easily into the main body of your portfolio). It’s likelythat most students won’t need to use appendices.Marking Criteria:

Knowledge &
40%The portfolio should demonstrate an understanding of a
range of digital marketing topics. Students should
define & explain relevant digital marketing terms &
concepts clearly & correctly. Portfolio entries should be
informed by a wide range of appropriate sources, which
should include academic sources. Evidence of further
reading will be rewarded.
Application of
40%Students should apply their knowledge of digital
marketing to the portfolio tasks in a way that produces
useful insights, clear conclusions, and/or valuable &
actionable recommendations.
Presentation10%The portfolio entries should be written clearly &
concisely, in a style appropriate for a professional
environment. Headings, subheadings, bullet points,
tables, & visual illustrations can be used and will
improve your mark if they effectively improve the
clarity of your portfolio entries.
Referencing10%All information included in the portfolio must be
appropriately referenced. Students must correctly and
consistently follow the Cardiff Harvard referencing

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