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Module code and title:Research SkillsModule leader: 
Assignment No. and type:CW2 Written Assignment: A critical reflection of ethical issues and requirements for a researcher, 1,000 words.Assessment weighting: 
Submission time and date: Target feedback time and date: 
Assignment task
This assessment tests your knowledge of the topic of research ethics and how these directly relate to your research methodology chosen for your dissertation research topic.  LO4, LO5. It is very easy to think that asking people questions has no impact upon them as researchers do this all the time.  However, asking people questions or even simply interacting and/or observing them in order to collect data can, and often does, have unintended consequences for both researcher and participant.  Understanding how our research can impact someone is a critical component of your development as a business graduate, and as a researcher.  The golden rule of all research is ‘first, do no harm,’ to anyone involved including yourself.  In order to achieve this, you must study what ethics are and what role they play in research activities.  This assignment requires you to provide the following:  Aim of your research – In one sentence explain what you intend to find out. Objectives of your research.   Methodology. Briefly reiterate the Approach, Design, Methods and Participants.  4. Ethical considerations.This is the main section of your assignment and you are expected to identify and discuss ethical issues relevant to your research. Respect for the autonomy, privacy and dignity of individuals and communities. Explain what procedures you are going to put in place for valid consent, confidentiality, anonymity and fair treatment. These could include the Participant information form; Participant Consent form; Scientific integrity. Explain what measures you will be taking to ensure that your research is based on authentic data that you have collected from the participants described in your “methods” section. Social responsibility. Explain how your research supports and reflect respect for the dignity and integrity of persons and organisations involved. Explain how your research contributes to the “common good”.Maximising benefit and minimising harm. Explain what you will be doing to avoid potential risk to the personal values, invasion of privacy and risk to psychological well-being of your participants and organisations. Explain who could benefit from your findings and how.  References – Please reference your work according to the Harvard style as defined in Cite Them Right Online ( Ethics checklist.  The template document for this will be provided for you to complete and submit using a separate submission point on BB.  There will be a separate submission point on BB for submitting this document.    This 1,000-word (+/-10%) report should have a front cover with a clear title your student id number and the word count on it.  A total of 10pages are available as appendices for this piece of work excluding required ethics documents provided by the university.  Note, the words used in these pages are not included in the word count. All words appearing in tables, charts and diagrams are also not included in the word count.  There should be a minimum of 20 references from reputable sources and referenced using the Harvard system used to support your work.
This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
LO4: Critically engage in the ethical considerations of conducting research projects and the associated difficulties associated with the ethics involved in research decision-making.
LO5: Demonstrate transferable skills including time management, project management, listening, negotiation, written communication skills, independent learning and advanced research skills.
Referencing and presentational requirements
Please reference your work using the Harvard style as defined in Cite Them Right Online ( Pages should be numbered.All work to be submitted as Arial 11 font with line and a half spacing. All writing should be in the third person passive, but where applicable you may write in the first person.Written work must be word-processedThe module title and code number must be clearly marked on the front cover. 

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