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BS3012 Portfolio Task 1 – Digital Marketing Ethics

Many digital marketing practices create ethical issues with which marketing practitioners must
contend. Write a reflective portfolio entry that critically discusses an ethical issue raised by a
contemporary digital marketing practice. Your portfolio entry must address the following
• What ethical issue is raised by this digital marketing practice? Who is affected and
• What has been done so far to address this issue, and by who? How effective has this
• Is further action needed to resolve this issue more effectively? If so, who should take
responsibility for this and what action should they take?
Note that you should not choose the ethical issue discussed in your tutorial (influencer
marketing targeting children) as we have already discussed this issue at length. You should
choose a different ethical issue so that you can show evidence of independent thought.
Your portfolio entry can relate to an ethical issue mentioned in one of the module’s lectures
but could also focus on an issue that you have identified in your own further reading, which
we have not discussed in the module (if you choose the latter option, you are welcome to
discuss your idea with us to ensure it is appropriate).
You will be expected to engage in further reading to deepen your understanding of your
chosen ethical issue and to draw from a range of sources to support your discussion.

BS3012 Portfolio Task 2 – Search Advertising
Your client is The Tawny, a luxurious country hotel in rural Staffordshire. The hotel offers a
range of unusual accommodation options, including huts, treehouses, and a boathouse, and
has various attractive facilities that are described on their website.
The client would like to run a search advertisement to increase bookings of their
accommodation. They are targeting affluent couples who are looking for a luxurious and
relaxing romantic break and they anticipate that most couples will be looking to book a
weekend stay.
The company has therefore chosen to bid on the following keywords:
• romantic getaway uk
• romantic weekend getaway
• romantic weekend break uk
• weekend break for couples
The client would like you to deliver the following:
• Design one search advertisement that can be used in conjunction with all of the
company’s chosen keywords, explaining & justifying your design.
• Recommend one ad asset to enhance your search advertisement, justifying your
• Specify which landing page your ad will send the searcher to, justifying your
recommendation. You can either select an existing page on the client’s website or
recommend the creation of a new webpage (in which case, you should briefly
describe its contents).
Please include a visual mockup of your search ad design (use the tool linked below to create
your mockup, take a screenshot, and insert this into your portfolio entry with an
accompanying figure number and heading). This mockup is not included in the word count.
Note that you should explain and justify each of your design choices, supporting your
justification with references to relevant sources.
Client website:
Search advertising mockup tool:

Portfolio Task 3 – Email Marketing

Choose a marketing email that you have received from a brand and critique its design,
applying your knowledge of email marketing best practice. You will find this task easier if you
choose an email that has lots of room for improvement.
• Critique the email’s design, explaining which aspects of the design work well and
which don’t. You should insert screenshots of relevant sections of the email (e.g.,
subject line, pre-header text, copy, call to action, landing page) into your portfolio
entry as figures, to illustrate your critique.
• Make recommendations for improving the email’s design, justifying your
suggestions. Your recommendations should stem logically from your critique.
• When justifying your recommendations, explain how each of your proposed changes
will improve the email’s performance on key email marketing metrics.
Please specify the device(/s) used to view and critique the email (e.g., desktop, mobile,
tablet). Note that you can evaluate the responsiveness of the email’s design by viewing it on
multiple devices, though this is not mandatory.
You should cite relevant sources to support your critique and recommendations.

Portfolio Task 4 – Social Media Marketing

Your client is Lick. Lick sells paint direct to UK consumers via its website, targeting
younger generations of homeowners and renters who are looking for an easy and
seamless way to choose and buy paint. Instead of providing sample paint pots, which
is the norm within the home décor industry, Lick customers can order peel-and-stick
samples created with real paint that they can apply directly to their walls and easily
remove. The brand is also committed to sustainability, which is another key selling
point for their target market.
The client would like to use influencer marketing to showcase the ease of choosing
and ordering paint from Lick and, ultimately, to boost sales of its paint products. For
this campaign they are targeting 25–34-year-old women in the UK with an interest in
home décor.
The client has chosen to use Instagram influencers for this campaign and has
compiled a shortlist of 10 potential influencers for you to consider. They have provided
you with a profile of each shortlisted influencer (downloaded from influencer
discovery website Modash), which provides useful data and a link to their Instagram
• From this shortlist, the client would like you to identify one influencer who you
feel would be the most suitable for this campaign. You should clearly justify
your choice, explaining how various influencer selection criteria informed your
decision and supporting your recommendation with references to relevant
Although you are not expected to discuss budget/costings explicitly, you should
recognise that your choice of influencer is likely to have budget implications (e.g.,
using smaller influencers with fewer followers is likely to incur lower costs, enabling the
client to use more influencers in their campaign).
Access the Modash profiles of the 10 shortlisted influencers + a summary table via
Learning Central (under ‘Assignment Information’).
Find out more about the brand via the company’s website and social media
channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter).

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