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Essay: A 1500-word essay (excluding from the word count the reference list and  any footnotes or appendices) that reviews one aspect of your organisation’s approach to managing  people (e.g. recruitment & selection; training and development; the reward system; etc.) and  makes recommendations in the light of your review (30% of the course mark).

  • Essay format, not a report, but it is concerned with a practical element of people management.
  • Most of your essay will be concerned with description/practical analysis but make reference to three or four sources from the literature to support your work.
  • There would normally be four parts to the structure of your essay: Introduction; Analysis;  Recommendations; References.
  • Introduction:
    • indicate the subject to be covered and why you have chosen to write about this topic, e.g.  personal experience of the topic; its significance to your department/organisation or  simply that you are interested in the topic);
    • State the structure of the rest of the essay, e.g. after this introduction the second part of  your essay will describe the organisational context briefly and then outline the issues  concerning the topic you wish to write about highlighting problems or good practice and  that the third part of your essay will look at recommendations you propose in the light of your analysis.
  • Analysis:
    • Outline again but in a little more detail the topic you wish to write about and why it is of  importance to you/your department/organisation
    • Indicate how the subject is typically applied in your organisation/department/area of focus
    • Compare this with what might be considered “good practice” from the literature, practice  you are familiar with in other organisations, how friends/colleagues say it is operated in  their organisations, etc.
    • Conclude where the problems lie or if you think the topic is handled well why this is the  case
  • Recommendations:
    • Your suggestions for remedying the problems identified or, if good practice is already in  place, what you would do to keep this good practice being applied.
  • References:
    • A list of three or four references at most that support various parts of your work.
    • You can make use of headings/sub-headings if you want to but they are not necessary.  These websites will be worth looking at in relation to your topic:

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